Google Daydream with Eye Tracking

Google Daydream with Eye Tracking

After releasing Google Daydream – a mobile Virtual Reality headset in November 2016, Google is reportedly working on a standalone headset that blends Virtual and Augmented Reality and in eye-tracking feature. This headset is to be released somewhere in 2017. It will not rely on any android gadget, smartphone, or even a computer to power it as it will work just by itself. The development of the gadget is just an exquisite masterpiece. It will use eye tracking and also use sensor and algorithms to bring out a splendid real world right in front of the user. Developments are also done to make sure that the gadget is able to detect the motion and positional awareness of the user using external cameras, this makes it more real and safe for the user. The headset will be ideal for gaming. Sources show that there are workers at Google who are specifically working on the gadget to make it work and better. It is amazing that the VR headset will not have a screen but augmented reality will mainly be at use.

Many people have a perception from the movies about fiction. They think that great things only happen in the movies only but Virtual Reality is a great step from Google that has come to change as Virtual Reality is a real technological commodity. Manufacturers still seek ways in which they can develop the headset and make it more functional and improve the user experience. One of the important way to do this is by Google Daydream Eye Tracking. Google Daydream with Eye Tracking in virtual reality is an important element as it increases realism of the virtual handset. The optical tracking works by reflecting the infrared light from the viewer’s eyes and outlining the changes coming up in the reflection over time using parts of the eye such as the cornea and the pupil. The question that comes up is I it will work. Well, in Virtual Reality world, it helps one feel as if they are in a real world. In fact, it helps to tell what actually one is looking for. Imagine when one is in a game and they are moving fast in a forest being chased by the aliens and trying to find their way out in limited time. Definitely one will want to turn and look left, right and even down and the programing is supposed to provide an image as fast as it can in the right angle and position hence, it is expected to use the eye tracking to make all this work.

Another spec in the eye tracking is the foveated rendering. Google daydream eye tracking is where the data that is given by the software to specifically focus on the image that is in direct sight of the viewer. In reality the eye of a human being works the same, one usually is looking at one thing in particular that is very clear on sight but then there are other images that still are at the point of view but they tend to appear blur. This will help in focusing on the targeted object and make the virtual reality even more real.

As we await the launching of the standalone Virtual Reality Headset, there is a Fove Virtual Reality headset that was released in 2016. The headset has some similarity to the awaited big thing but unlike it depends on smartphones and computers to power it and work. It is an amazing gadget as it makes a real world out of an artificial world. In gaming, one can communicate one on one with another person and even lough. It is a light gadget that only weighs 520g. It has an eye tracking feature that helps to make good, accurate and real eye contact.

Google Daydream Eye Tracking in the Virtual Reality is a very important specification that should be given a lot of attention. Many games that are played on the computers, Xbox and even the play stations usually lack an integration with the player. One wants to apparently be the one in the game and other activities. Also, it will help in concentrating with the subject focused as many objects may lead to confusion meaning that the sight will be impeccable.

Google has come up with a platform which is all about virtual reality. According to an article that was published in business2community, the Google Daydream is all about bringing the virtual reality to the typical world and make it a reality. Here, they explain how it will be a necessary component in the business world. It goes on to say that the headset will help to make the people get your application as people will want VR application. In this article, they explain that for one to be able to publish a VR application they need to be a part of Daydream Access Program which grants you the privileges and power to make Daydream-based applications. It goes on to say that the becoming part of the program comes in hand with benefits. Google, as it explains, will offer platforms for application development which equips 0one with high quality knowledge on Virtual Reality application development.


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